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Before long it occurs to some one to demand an old wedding song, which celebrates the beauty of the bride and the joys of love.
We must begin; we must go and pay wedding visit very soon.
No wedding veil, and no wedding breakfast, and no wedding favors for the servants.
There was one time of the year which was held in Raveloe to be especially suitable for a wedding.
My moralisings were cut short by my entering a village, and, it being about the hour of noon, finding myself in the thick of a village wedding.
Not at all," said the student; "it is the wedding of a farmer and a farmer's daughter, he the richest in all this country, and she the fairest mortal ever set eyes on.
Pray heaven she may be true to him and the wedding be a gay one 'back i' the town
THEIR sister's wedding day arrived; and Jane and Elizabeth felt for her probably more than she felt for herself.
Madam," answered the rector, in great perplexity, "this strange occurrence brings to my mind a marriage sermon of the famous Bishop Taylor, wherein he mingles so many thoughts of mortality and future woe, that, to speak somewhat after his own rich style, he seems to hang the bridal chamber in black, and cut the wedding garment out of a coffin pall.
Poyser's, and most of those who had a holiday appeared in their best clothes at the wedding.
The celebrity of the bride's name attracted attention, and the spectators seemed to wonder that the wedding was not more sumptuous.
I have determined, therefore, to call upon you and to consult you in reference to the very painful event which has occurred in connection with my wedding.