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According to the custom prevalent in the Kanjarbhat community, the village panchayat spreads a white bed sheet on the wedding night of a couple.
If somebody offered to pay me any money in the world, I would say, 'No, I just want my wedding night back - the wedding night that I dreamed of '.
Paul and Laura Portman of Llanrumney had their wedding night spoiled when their hotel room was cancelled and they ended up sleeping on two sofas in their living room PICTURE: Richard Williams[umlaut]
Dave and Sam married in 1996, three years after me and the current Mr Lee and neither of us can remember a thing about our wedding night but I guess that's what happens when you've been drinking champagne for the thick end of 12 hours.
But trouble flared when they were joined by guests at the twostar Caladh Inn, where they had booked their wedding night.
So that was the way they spent their wedding night - my father alone in one country, my mother back home with family in another.
FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy and his new wife, model and singer Carla Bruni, spent their wedding night in a former hunting lodge near the palace at Versailles, according to news reports.
During dinner in their rooms they struggle to suppress their private fears of the wedding night to come .
They tie the knot but the marriage only lasts as long as the wedding night when Paul, who has his eye on Rosetta, confesses to his devastated bride that he's likely to cheat.
Like a frigid bride on her wedding night, I found myself wanting the thing to end, yet the expanse of still unread pages seemed at times to be growing rather than shrinking.
The package includes a three course wedding breakfast for 50 guests, an evening buffet and a wedding night in a four poster bed.
John spent his wedding night performing with the Beatles at the local Riverpark Ballroom.