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Two small horticulture units in south east Wales are to trial vision-guided, interrow weeders to determine the labour and time savings.
Control with a flame weeder or use an alternative herbicide.
Some specific subjects examined include economic and environmental effects of precision agriculture, precision irrigation and water conservation, and an autonomous Christmas tree weeder.
99, the Hand Tools include a Transplanter, Cultivator, Trowel, Weeder, and Bulb Planter.
Well, forget the crawling part, add some leverage to the yanking part, and you've got the Fiskars Uproot Weeder ($33).
A good example of how this can work is to replace chemical herbicides with a smart mechanical weeder.
The Cobra Head precision weeder and cultivator is the closest thing we've seen to a universal garden tool.
The Tournesol weeder is the latest product in the family of agricultural machines that founder Roger Pellenc started designing in a shed 28 years ago.
For example, the geese on Anne Schwartz's farm are Chinese weeder geese.
One prototypical example is the NEWS WEEDER system (Lang 1995), an interface to electronic news groups that learns the reading interests of its users.
Contract notice: purchase of equipment for the maintenance of green spaces on the campus of cluny lot 1 micro-tractorlot 2 adaptable charger on micro-tractorlot 3 mechanical weeder tracte multifunctionlot 4 porte outilslot 5 desherbeur of cheminlot 6 reciprocateur