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So history shows gardeners have always strived to take the time and hassle out of watering and there is evidence of our great ancestors using walking sticks that doubled up as saws or weeders, and trowels that doubled up as rakes.
You can use a spot weeder to deal with any weeds which appear during the summer.
Our eight sets of prizes, each worth pounds 27, comprise six items from those in the picture: telescopic handle 77cm (2ft 6in) long, trowel, hand fork, mini-rake, patio weeder knife and Dutch hoe.
One company said as much as $60 could be added to the price tag of a $69 weeder.
Victor Salandanan, Manager Product Content Management, and Julie Call, Product Content Management Coordinator, Lowe's; Julia Saia, Director, Global Supplier Performance, The Home Depot; and Michael Weeder, Manager, Internet Technology, True Value.
A spokesman from Hozelock, who carried out the survey to launch their Green Power Thermal Weeder, said: "Certain weeds can interfere with other plant growth so it's important to be able to identify them and deal with them.
Men's cotton gardening gloves, PS4, aluminium soft grip scoop, PS4, enamel compost bin, PS14, hand trowel, PS4, cast iron twine stand, PS5, wire basket fruit carrier, PS5, digging fork, PS20, digging spade, PS20, bow rake, PS17, cultivator, PS15, weeding fork, PS10, weeder, PS15, seed tray green 24 insert 3pk, PS1.
The Wilkinson Sword Multi Tool has several penknife-style fold-out attachments ( by-pass secateurs, two-prong weeder, pruning knife, pruning/grafting blade and mini-saw, all secured by a locking gadget.
Remove isolated weeds in paths or driveways with an old knife or by spraying with a spot weeder.
If the weeds don't yield easily or if they detach from the roots when you pull, switch to a trowel or dandelion weeder and dig or pry them out.
Treat them with a spot weeder, or fork them out, trying not to break the brittle tap-roots.
com) produces innovative backyard tools, including the Weed Hound weeder, Bulb Hound Garden Planter, Steppin' Edger, Garden Hound Tiller, and many more.