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The kit comprises a hand trowel, hand fork, secateurs and a three-pronged weeder in a waterproof kit bag.
Organic crop interests sought and were granted the exemption from the ban on hand weeding, claiming that they would incur "tremendous" economic losses if they were required to use laborers with long handled hoes rather than hand weeders.
Assorted holes allowed us to insert up to 14 long-handled items like rakes, hoes, weeders, etc.
For a range of beautifully produced, traditional garden tools, check out Burgon and Ball, whose catalogue includes everything from trimming shears and pocket knives to topiary frames, watering cans, secateurs and, of course, trowels, hand forks and weeders.
The weeders successfully eradicated Trichoderma from most colonies.
Farmers can take other precautions like using rod-type weeders and sweeps to control weeds without flattening all the standing residue.