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In the garden they came upon a peasant weeding the path.
They too had made their inquiries; and they had just laid hands on a quick little imp, nicknamed "Duffy"--who was occasionally employed in weeding the garden, and who had seen Rosanna Spearman as lately as half-an-hour since.
A child was weeding one of the little beds; as he stopped, he raised his pale face and disclosed the features of one of his former companions.
Such weighing and mixing and chopping and grating, such dusting and washing and polishing, such snipping and weeding and trowelling and other small gardening, such making and mending and folding and airing, such diverse arrangements, and above all such severe study
Keep a bucket and gloves by the door to remind you to get outside and get weeding.
It may be stated that the closer the weeding time to generative growth times, the more the positive effects on pollination and, thus, number of full pods.
We want to make weeding fun for everyone," says President Andrea Watros.
Remember the old country saying - 'one year's seeding is seven year's weeding.
Defenceless in the face of this annual aerial bombardment, I am now resigned to limiting the damage by spraying and hand weeding.
Most of the time I dislike weeding, especially when I see it as a battle.
The popularity of such methods is reflected in the fact that there are now more weeding gadgets available than most gardeners can shake a dandelion fork at.
The required labor for manual weeding is expensive and hardly obtainable.