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If you are using a chemical remedy, go for a systemic weedkiller, one that when brushed on will be absorbed right down to the root, killing the whole thing.
A There are different modes of action with weedkillers.
Unfortuately the chemicals in the weedkiller are absorbed by the corn and make their way into all non organic bread.
In one, addressed to Euan, the 72-year-old sent weedkiller and wrote a note suggesting that his father was a "war criminal for murdering thousands of Iraqi babies", Brighton Magistrates' Court was told.
Manually digging out weeds and liquid weedkiller will keep your lawn weed-free
nuneatonbornandbred * I WOULD prefer it if the council didn't use weedkiller actually
I don't know if it is the council who have let this happen, but will whoever is responsible please cut them down or put some weedkiller on them?
A pensioner was charged yesterday with sending packages containing sugar and weedkiller to Prime Minister Tony Blair and his family, police said.
John McCulloch said he had put weedkiller, glass and even a dead rat within the HobNob
Either kill it first with a strong systemic weedkiller or, better still, dig it up altogether.
Use a feed combined with weedkiller or mosskiller where necessary.
Large areas of grass on five of the greens at Llanymynech Golf Club at Pant, near Oswestry, are dying after weedkiller was spread on the course.