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49 for Weedol PS Pathclear(TM) Weedkiller and Weedol Gun
And I don't see how it can be saving money either because weedkiller is very expensive.
If you are using a chemical remedy, go for a systemic weedkiller, one that when brushed on will be absorbed right down to the root, killing the whole thing.
Don't apply this area with weedkiller or mosskiller for around six months after sowing new seed.
uk Kirklees Council apologises over weedkiller used on grass Come on Huddersfield, why don't we all help out to keep our town tidy rather than whinge about Kirklees?
It is currently growing wild but I don't want to use weedkiller on it.
The product contains a systemic weedkiller to kill off all manner of existing weeds down to the root and a residual weedkiller that stops new weeds from emerging for up to three months.
Perennial weeds like dandelions will require a glyphosate-based weedkiller which will go to the roots and kill the plant.
But organisers' hopes of success have been dashed after a banned toxic weedkiller was spread among gardens in what police have described as a "calculated act".
I don't know if it is the council who have let this happen, but will whoever is responsible please cut them down or put some weedkiller on them?
I APPRECIATE R Lewis thanking me for my letter explaining why farmers use weedkiller on set-aside in May (October 19).
McCulloch, of Hyndland, Glasgow, who admitted the extortion bid, was tracked down when his fingerprint was found on weedkiller.