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To determine if TED's performed better as top opening or bottom opening, NMFS evaluated four different TED designs (the NMFS TED, the Georgia Jumper, the Anthony Weedless TED, and the Super Shooter TED) in 1995 and 1996 in a total of 14 different fishing configurations using captive-reared sea turtles.
Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) suggested the decertification of the hooped hard and weedless TEDs, as well as the abolishment of the bait shrimp exemption.
Correia explained that he uses a four-inch finesse worm, bites off about three-quarters of an inch from the head, and rigs it weedless on a ball head jig.
If you're finding flashy pinfish in the grassbeds, then a copper or gold colored weedless spoon is hard to beat.
I could throw my weedless swimbait right up in the tops of the brush and slowly pull it out.
However, when bass hunker in places inaccessible to most lures, as they often do, a weedless offering is a must.
is proud to introduce the slickFISH lure, the first truly weedless lure, a remarkable new product that is challenging the concept of the "weedless" lure in the fishing industry.
Soft plastic paddle tails and jerkbaits tend to be my favorite, since they can be rigged weedless.
Some anglers obsess about this and engineer methods for rigging weedless baits, with hook points buried in the ballyhoo or squid.