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The seminar was organized on the direction of the government of Punjab for creating awareness among students, faculty, extension departments and particularly the farmers about the harmful effects of weed.
Weeds are an important factor in the management of all kind and water resource, but their effective impact is greatest onagriculture.
Sowing crop in narrow rows imparts a competitive edge over weeds due to early and rapid canopy closure (Chauhan and Johnson, 2010).
A combination of proper cultural practices plus prudent use of chemical is sometimes necessary to control weeds effectively in turf.
Chickweed: Also known as mouse ears and star weed, this weed is low-growing and can be found in moist shady conditions.
A spokesman from Hozelock, who carried out the survey to launch their Green Power Thermal Weeder, said: "Certain weeds can interfere with other plant growth so it's important to be able to identify them and deal with them.
Cutworms are well protected in weeds and can come out to attack the vines at night.
Selection of an appropriate planting time might reduce the requirement of crop protection measures and can be manipulated to regulate floristic composition of weeds under field conditions (Kobayashi and Oyanagi 2006; Jadhav 2013).
Growers often keep vegetable fields and the surrounding areas as weed-free as possible to keep the weeds from going to seed.
The present research aims at determining critical period of weeds control in planting lentil of Ziba variety and studying effect of interference and weeds control on yield and yield components of lentil at farm conditions in Varzaghan.