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WEEK. Seven days of time.
     2. The week commences immediately after twelve o'clock, on the night between Saturday and Sunday, and ends at twelve o'clock, seven days of twenty-four hours each thereafter.
     3. The first day of the week is called Sunday; (q.v.) the second, Monday; the third, Tuesday; the, fourth, Wednesday; the fifth, Thursday; the sixth, Friday; and the seventh, Saturday. Vide 4 Pet. S. C. Rep. 361.

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9 million, but that was a 38 percent increase from a weekend earlier.
And like me, they were under no obligation to perform at any certain level on their skateboards so they were completely free to also see how many beers they could drink during the weekend.
The Dinah Shore Weekend has always been such a massive success because it is the one pinnacle women's event of the year," she says.
Opening weekend box office receipts can make or break a film.
As part of their weekend, participants pledge to pursue something specific to hdp protect natural resources in their community and mentors pledge to help them fulfill their commitment.
The entire weekend is expected to cost around $2,000 per couple.
On weekends, two physicians now performed rounds and split call duty, so niether knew all the patients while on call, and the 48-hour weekend continuity mentioned above was therefore lost.
Included in the weekend package are gourmet meals at the Kingfisher Dining Lodge, a no host bar at the Salmon Gallery, a poker showdown and a trivia contest with prizes for the winners.
The three-day weekend was up 10 percent over last year and Christmas Day was very strong.
According to Sachs, attendance at this year's Dinah Shore Weekend was higher than ever, up 35% to 40%.
SLOWER PLAYOFF FOR WINTER PIX Weekend declines for summer saturation releases (three-year averages, May - Aug.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Visa USA, the world's leading payment brand and largest payment system, announced that consumer spending in electronics, home furnishings, grocery and drug stores helped boost overall sales during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend supporting Visa's original projection of 7.