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Flowers looked lovingly up as they passed, birds sang to cheer them when sad thoughts made them weep.
and sat down beside her and began loudly to weep over the misfortune.
When she again lived, it was only to weep and sigh.
My dear Frankenstein," exclaimed Henry, when he perceived me weep with bitterness, "are you always to be unhappy?
Who that had seen him bright and joyous in his young beauty, but must weep over his untimely loss
She weeps continually, and accuses herself unjustly as the cause of his death; her words pierce my heart.
Ah," I thought, "that is Baleka, who weeps for her brother
They weep because of the oxygen of publicity you've given that big-toothed and permatanned Tallafornian they thought they'd seen the back of.
The tears that I imagine Jesus wept are not the kind we weep into our pillows at night, but rather the kind that flex our fists into tight balls and send our whole bodies shaking.
Of course, the official line is that he didn't weep.
She spent much of last year doing art projects with Isabel, as Isabel got sicker and endured oceans of pain and grew more swollen and weary by the day, and just before Isabel died I came home one day to find my wife sprawled in the grass, weeping like I had never heard her weep before.
After three minutes, check the recuperator drainage and weep holes for oil leaks.