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Jingle, jingle, went the shillings, as handful after handful was thrown in, till, plump and ponderous as she was, they fairly weighed the young lady from the floor.
Tom's basket was weighed and approved; and he looked, with an anxious glance, for the success of the woman he had befriended.
He said he had weighed it carefully when he reached home, and it had turned the scale at thirty- four pounds.
The system then assigns a name to the task, and the screen will show the recipe to be weighed with the respective tolerances.
The stomach is weighed against cannibalism, cannibalism is weighed
3 : to think about as if weighing <He weighed their chances of winning.
When placing items to be weighed onto the weigh pan, open the draft shield door only on the side to which you are weighing, i.
Easy-to-use control system makes adjustments after every dispense cycle, automatically compensating on the next weighed batch for normal variations in dispensing as well as for resin bulk density and particle geometry.
The scrap dealer's scale weighed accurately; however, it was reprinting weight tickets with lower weights and sending those to its customers.
When placing items to be weighed onto the weigh pan, only open the draft shield door on the side to which you are weighing, e.
As part of the operation, core samples are regularly weighed as required by the Marine Material Management Services (MMS, formerly US Coast Guard).
All components are weighed with every batch and units are for use with free-flowing pellets, powders, regrind or flake.