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against people, people are weighed against kings, kings are weighed
Weighed against that is inflation, which hit a 20-year high of 5.
The burdens and costs of preservation of potentially relevant information should be weighed against the potential value and uniqueness of the information when determining the appropriate scope of preservation.
The market lacked direction, with positive sentiment from the dollar's rise against the yen weighed against worries about debt problems in Europe that came back to the fore, brokers said.
An overall budget saving on ALL the proposals of pounds 74,000 is not enough when weighed against the potential death of a child.
It is a perfectly valid point, although it must be weighed against the fact that anyone wanting to gamble in this day and age has myriad options, and it has never been easier to place a bet.
The risks of the once-a-day tablet, Fablyn, must be weighed against its ability to prevent fractures in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, the Food and Drug Administration's staff said in a report last week on the agency's Web site.
The authors said this finding needed to be weighed against the obvious benefits of fruit and vegetables for protecting against a range of diseases, including heart disease and cancer.
Those were weighed against the seriousness of the crimes and the deterrence message to other would-be white collar criminals.
The benefit is real, but it's modest and has to be weighed against the risk.
For a barge customer such as an EAF steel mill bringing in scrap, this very strong advantage has to be weighed against the need to make a very large purchase.
On the other hand, few businesses like being regulated, so the interests of the passenger have to be weighed against the complaints of the owners about the heavy hand of government.