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The linear layout of the new weigher ensures that drop distances for the sweets are never more than 150mm.
Premier Tech Chronos has provided Dugdale with bagging systems based around its Chrono-Weigh E55 weighers.
The conveyor takes the product to a grater, from where it is fed onto the infeed conveyor, which moves the beetroot to the top of the weigher.
The ongoing business relationship between this company and Planters Clayton has continued recently with the supply of three weighers for the expansion of a rubber crumb production plant in Europe.
iNOEX reports that its new igs Series weigher permits the exact dosing of materials that have poor flow characteristics, such as chalk, wood chips, and fibers, at flow rates of 2 to 3300 lbs/hr.
If properties are accurate with volumetric blenders, then all you have to do to control weight per foot is put a gravimetric weigher under it.
Constructed using heavy-duty type 304 stainless steel tubing, Gainco check weighers feature a hermetically sealed loadcell design with 8-point overload protection and NEMA 4 controller enclosure to prevent damage to "smart" components from harsh washdown and production processes.
The Ishida solution was to install a modern Ishida multi-head weigher as a drop-in replacement for the linear model, leaving the rest of the line in place.
The Primo 360 Mobile App, using a Windows-based Smart Phone, can control the Primo Weigher 360 in the same way as the Primo Pocket Control.
In order to weigh the grated cheese, with its sticky consistency, Berglandmilch needed a highly efficient multihead weigher.
It tends to string out along the chutes of the multi-head weigher making it difficult to manage and also leaves a layer of fatty deposits on the vibrating channels, chutes and buckets that reduces flow rate.
The line incorporates a high speed RS-216 multihead weigher to maximize production throughput, the QX-1100 tray sealer, an MR labeler, seal tester with integrated vision system, and an Ishida IPS pick and place system, which offers many options in tray packing and crate layout.