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Poor weight shift is a major cause of lack of distance and poor ball striking.
The diagonal line indicates no weight shift and the heavy curve indicates the Bayes' Theorem shift.
In contrast, some categories registered a diminished relative importance after the weight shift.
I know a weight shift microlight would not do loops with someone in it, but watching it I actually thought someone was.
It's great for balance because tap dance is all about weight shift," said Courtney Runft, an instructor at the American Tap Dance Center in New York.
In general there are two types of microlight aircraft - weight shift (or flexiwing) and three axis.
Anyone who does that tends not to get enough weight shift on the backswing.
You start with that slow negative motion and come through, and weight shift to a positive motion.
Distributing your weight this way will allow you to make a solid weight shift, fuller turn of the body, and swing the club back on the correct path and plane.
Each drill focuses on a specific area--the hands, hips, head, leg, stride, weight shift, cocking of the bat, and driving the ball to the opposite field.
At the start of the downswing, the weight shift begins by actually sliding the left knee toward the left big toe with minimal hip rotation.