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They attend with Phari- saical strictness to the outward forms of religion, and at the same time neglect the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith.
It did not pass away, as weightier things had done; but came uppermost again, and yet again, and many times that day, and often afterwards.
In fact, it's not significantly weightier than a Mk 4, despite boasting massively improved safety features and more interior equipment.
Plus there are three steering wheel options - Normal, the weightier Sport mode and the much lighter Comfort mode.
This, like the earthquake in Nepal, is a much weightier matter, deserving of lengthier (and suitably detailed) coverage.
There are far weightier issues in this world than whether a private entrepreneur is permitted to put a 75-foot paddle wheeler boat on a big lake in southern New England.
The fact that it's all presented in an easy format that belays the fact that it's loaded with practical advice makes this a recommendation over weightier first-year-teacher manuals.
With its focus on the global auto industry, one might expect this book would be of primary interest to transportation buffs--but the inclusion of plenty of economic and political insights makes for a far weightier coverage that's wider-ranging than an auto history could be, offering insights that hold important ramifications for studying not just global economies and politics, but the impact of technology and individual effort upon world socioeconomic development as a whole.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- From " I Bought a Man a Coffee" on The Weightier Matters :
reports attributing weightier components for both the Z4 and Z4 Ultra.
Michael McCarthy's direction is simple yet resourceful and, crucially, it allows Christopher Hampton's neatly adapted libretto to absorb the weightier philosophical issues on its own terms.
While the deal is hardly earth-shattering in monetary terms, it will be well received by the government and it also means it is at least out of the way so both sides can concentrate on weightier matters of levy extension, modernisation and reform.