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Deliberating well concludes either in acting on the weightiest reasons, in the way that they support, or in forming an intention to so act, or, if no set of reasons is weightiest, in true belief about which actions are the permitted or best options.
The whitepaper titled 'Diabetes: the world's weightiest problem' , warns that diabetes growth threatens to overwhelm health care systems despite it being largely preventable and controllable.
Of varied societal functions, bankingsector employment isthe weightiest one
But the weightiest among his demands was for both parties to sign a bilateral ceasefire agreement before they could proceed in the fourth round of talks.
Even as Mr Trump and his team discussed some of the weightiest matters facing the country, the President-elect continued tweeting about an array of matters.
The largest trade flow from Asia has experienced the weightiest shift away from air cargo.
com and other websites, Daletas has grown nine of the 10 weightiest pumpkins ever recorded in Oregon.
At the weightiest end of the spectrum, bands like Conan, Dragged Into Sunlight and Mugstar represent significant players in underground leftfield rock circles yet there's not been a young Merseyside rock band to make a significant commercial dent for some time.
And if I want a counterweight to assuming I'm right, one of the weightiest ones I can think of is assuming I'm wrong-and seeing where it leads me.
But they are powerless to choose Israeli officials, who make the weightiest decisions affecting them.
But I was greeted at the door by David King, a garrulous 64-year-old self-employed limo driver who has lent his name to what may be the weightiest case to come before the Supreme Court in years.
As steward of more than $290 billion in public employee pension assets, risk management is among CalPERS' weightiest responsibilities.