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Differences emerge only over how, and how weightily, these considerations enter the interpretive matrix.
The symphony's opening pizzicato, weightily delivered by the CBSO's basses, must have a stately tread to sustain its slightly eerie quality - it did.
Now the small, if weightily named, five-member strong Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee has published its findings suggesting changes to the rules which could allow more people in public bodies to stand for election without having to quit their jobs with the prospect of unemployment if they lose the gamble of standing in the election.
Art, we sometimes forget, isn't something that sits in a frame on the wall, or weightily on a pedestal.
PREDICTABLE howls of rage from the weightily challenged after my suggestion that we should consider a fat tax.
The chief responsibility in this work rests weightily on the character of Hans Sachs, and Falk Struckmann, a fine actor, has done his homework, portraying his character's strengths and vulnerabilities in noble voice that is marred by pitch uncertainty at times.
As a counterpoint to a heavily biased intensional orientation and as an antidote to a weightily inclined intensional orientation, the extensional orientation discipline may reasonably and pragmatically come to the rescue.
Hatoum's version is not about to flick around for anyone: The beads weightily on the floor, solid and stationary.
These were and remain the leading professional organizations for American professors of history and literature, weightily establishmentarian, and before 1968 not the places where anything untoward or newsworthy in the daily press was likely to take place.