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opposition of referentiality and a weightlessly ludic semiosis.
The black sky revolved, earth slipping beneath Francis's palms into the hole as he swayed weightlessly, staring up.
What makes the Interactive Online Report[TM] so ideal for the iPad is that it enables attorneys to review reports electronically in virtually the same manner as if they were working with a printed document--by holding it wirelessly and almost weightlessly in their hands, being able to share it as a 'living' tablet with colleagues, being able to slip it into a briefcase, and being able to magnify small print as well as to view documents from both a vertical and horizontal perspective.
sounds that led weightlessly in where paths are erased,
The guitars on cruisers like "Vacationing People" and "Lion's Share" float weightlessly between the honeyed chug of The Band, West African highlife licks and dolphin mating calls, but stay tethered to Garrett Ray's propellant percussion (e.
As Eurocentric possessors of many curiosities, they feel at ease in Europe, they weightlessly stroll around the cities of the Old Continent: in a minute they find themselves in Paris, and then in Venice or in Bern.
Once aboard SpaceShipTwo (SS2), you will be blasted into outer space faster than a bullet, drift weightlessly for five minutes before an entirely safe but nail-biting entry back to the earth.
7metres high, of the Olympic rings, made for the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, which appeared to float weightlessly above the ground.
Once airborne, they will float almost weightlessly and will be invisible to the naked eye.
THE DOOR FOR ROOM 343 sprung open weightlessly, and I realized why after shutting it behind me and discovering the inside panel covering the particleboard skeleton was broken off--except for a thin strip at the bottom held in place by a handful of stubborn staples.
She would slide across the bay, glide weightlessly among the skyscrapers of the Financial District and then north to the Golden Gate, into the open ocean, past the Farallones and then going, going, going toward Japan.
Two astronauts floated weightlessly off the deck Overboard into the equator in their chains and splash and drowned.