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The weirdest time I have ever been asked for an autograph, or something similar, was when some guy followed me into the toilets and passed me a phone to speak to his wife," said Smith.
Ten of the weirdest mobile phone insurance claims have been revealed.
Summary: What with a few racist receipts and extravagant bills making it to the internet, Kipp's wondering what the weirdest receipt you ever received was like.
Host Charlie Brooker, above, officially the Funniest Man In The World, and his guests answer questions on the week's TV, with the most popular and weirdest shows getting the most attention.
THE weirdest thing a fan ever gave me was on The X Factor tour last year.
I have unwanted hair in the weirdest spots, My cleavage has little hairs sprouting, and there's a small visible line of hair down my stomach.
But what's weirdest about ``GG,'' and what actually gives the thing whatever interest it manages to generate, is how Soderbergh just tosses aside the double fakery of period re-creation and '40s movie imitation whenever the spirit moves him.
Philip Jones, one of the students, said: "This is the weirdest but most rewarding trip I've ever taken.
Scientists searching for an Earth-friendly alternative to gasoline are looking in some of the weirdest places--termite guts, cow stomachs, and rotting logs.
That's probably the weirdest question anyone has ever asked me.
99, it's a power-packed paperback on the weirdest, and wackiest, wheels even seen in the US.
An impotent husband was an excuse to embark on the world's weirdest shopping trip.