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SHALLOW HAL Film4 9PM Hypnotised Jack Black falls in love with dumptruck sized Gwyneth Paltrow, her beauty beheld by him alone, in a weirdly sweet-natured, sentimental comedy from the dumbed-up Farrelly brothers.
30pm WEIRDLY, the soaps are all about prescription drug addiction right now and Phil is none too impressed at finding Sharon passed out and Lexi clutching a bottle of pills.
Weirdly, they taste identical to their frozen cousins - so much so it's actually slightly strange eating them.
Weirdly, family-friendly Disney reckoned Brand - with his history of drug abuse, sex addiction, dirty jokes and ill-judged phone pranks - was just the man for them.
Weirdly, seven is my lucky number and this is my seventh job" - New Doctor Who assistant Jenna-Louise Coleman (pictured) on Men On Waves, the codename given to the job when she went for the audition.
nick_forbes (Nick Forbes): Honoured to be opening the refurbished Key House in Jesmond, home of Skills for People @SarahMillican75 (Sarah Millican): Weirdly all of the 6 numbers I have tried are having technical problems when you try to register a fault.
His mother hurried to him to ask why he was behaving weirdly, but he began crying hysterically.
Phil Mitchell started growing a weirdly ginger-looking beard.
It's as plain - if weirdly unsettling - as the nose on their late father's face.
Decleor Arome Euphoric Uplifting Body Fragrance pounds 34, 020 7313 8780 Weirdly this overpowering scent actually did lift us out of a blue mood, but we think it's a love/hate product and at that price, it may not be worth the risk.
Lyrically, Kurupt is his usual razor toothed self and Quik is weirdly warmhearted.
From the haunting keyboard and chillingly poetic lyrics delivered in an unnerving whisper on their song "George's," to the weirdly country guitar and mythic overtones of "Joseph Campbell Recommends," this is a band that commands listeners' attention and drags them to places they might not have thought an indie rock band could take them.