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Glenoit prefers to call its welcome mats "small decorator rugs" because they can, and are, frequently used on decks, in laundry rooms and at pet-feeding stations.
Carpet One Floor & Home has been supporting breast cancer research and awareness since 2004, and its welcome mat program has raised more than $750,000 in the U.
To know that Carpet One Floor & Home has raised over half a million dollars through the sale of pink ribbon welcome mats for such an important cause," says Eric Demaree, President of Carpet One Floor & Home, "makes me very proud.
Twenty-five percent of sales from the welcome mats will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in the United States and to Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer research and support programs in Canada.
I was so embarrassed that I tripped on his welcome mat and spilled my candy all over his porch.
Some BIS staffers had different reasons for not spreading the welcome mat for Knight, a twenty-four-year International Monetary Fund veteran who--in his short stint at the Bank of Canada--made a name for himself in one area especially: reducing staff and cutting costs.
Nanotechnologists have created a remark ably effective liquid-repelling surface that can also become, at the flick of a switch, a welcome mat for liquids.
Whitaker has been putting out a welcome mat to birds for nearly five decades, building birdhouses and maintaining birdbaths on his property on the north end of town.
Still, Jordan's welcome mat is out: the government promises that its borders will remain open, and humanitarian aid workers are prepared to welcome those who may later arrive--Muslims and Christians alike--in hopes of escaping the destruction of this war.
WHY is a country pledged to the war on terrorism laying out the welcome mat for Hassan Butt today?
But chairman Maurice Lindsay is ready to put out the welcome mat if Leigh secure promotion by winning the NFP Grand Final and comply with standards at their Hilton Park ground.
When a fleet of yellow school buses pulled up at a distant border of the park, we knew instinctively that Nixon was rolling up the welcome mat and that our invitation to the seat of government had worn out.