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Among the countries that welcomed 2016 at the same time as the Philippines were China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.
Oh sure, if you asked an established member of a parish if it is a welcoming parish, they would reply in the affirmative because they feel welcomed.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- A cavalry regiment joined for the first time a welcoming ceremony held at the Ecankaya presidential palace in Ankara on Tuesday as Turkish President Abdullah GE-l welcomed Latvian President Andris Berzins.
As we prepare to welcome the new-born Christ and celebrate his birth with friends and families let us open our eyes and hearts to those in this city that are waiting to be welcomed for in welcoming the stranger and the hungry we are welcoming Christ.
According to diplomatic sources, Chief of Protocol of Foreign Ministry Ghalib Iqbal welcomed Secretary of State Hilary Clinton while there was no senior government official or political leader to welcome her.
The aim was actively to engage everyone in creating and presenting a series of images (drawn, photographed or filmed), written statements and short films that express and explore the way people are welcomed to the North-East and the places that make us feel welcome or unwelcome and why.
God has welcomed home the lost without ever neglecting the faithful from the beginning of time.
In a March 29 ceremony on the White House's South Lawn, President George Bush welcomed the seven newest members of NATO, all former members of the Soviet Bloc.
Schick, a Navy pilot who lives with his wife and two children in Moorpark, has been warmly welcomed since his return last month from flying reconnaissance missions over Iraq.
John Paul will be officially welcomed by India's President K.
The first two billboards read as follows: "Welcome the Immigrant You Once Were" and "I Was a Stranger, And You Welcomed Me.
A PRO-TROOPS support group was welcomed to an annual event to mark the anniversary of one of Britain's most famous naval victories.