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Welcomers in the vestiblue were Ali Dwyer and Joanna Ambler.
Further, in our diocese, courses have been run to help sides people/stewards and others to be better welcomers.
Throughout the summer, the Weston Welcomers and Rangers service organises a programme of entertainments and events for kids in the town's parks and on the beach.
Their eagerness to serve is carried out as welcomers, choir members, and volunteer workers of the Canadian church.
Many of our cathedral welcomers are already trained in assisting visitors with special needs, and guide dogs have always been welcome here,' said Janet Sinclair, the Cathedral's deputy steward.
We have recruited trained welcomers who work alongside our volunteers to encourage people to come into the cathedral, and give each visitor a warm and personal welcome.
Designate people as welcomers -- people specifically chosen to keep an eye out for newcomers each week.
Some quickly passed the welcomers, knowing that nobody would be expecting them; others emerged smiling, looking for their families or hosts.
He was cheered as he assured his welcomers that he would support the church's ban on women priests and follow Stafford in prohibiting the We Are Church Coalition, a national organization seeking church reforms, from circulating petitions on church property.
Photo: (ran in SAC and AV--color in AV only) Welcomers look at an EC-130H Compass Call airplane that arrived Friday in Palmdale for about a year of upgrades and maintenance.