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Heat input Q directly influences the distortions and deformations of welded parts and in case of thin sheet metal the optimal heat input is essential to guarantee the joint penetration with minimum heat input.
The results show that sound welded joints without any solidification and shrinkage defects could be obtained after welding, with a corrosion resistance equivalent to that of the parent metal.
The amplitudes of the waveforms from the acquired 52 scans are used to build an ultrasonic image of the welded area.
In addition, the design eliminated stress problems traditionally encountered at all welded areas.
As in conventional construction, the rigid joint is made with a full penetration welded connection.
GTAW operates by establishing an arc between a nonconsumable tungsten electrode and the base material that is being welded (weld puddle).
This arc is then transferred to the metal to be welded.
The welded pipes were cut longitudinally into eight bars.
Tailor welded blanks are metallic sheets made from different strengths, materials, and/or thicknesses pre-welded together before forming into the final component geometry.
The radiographic examination of the welded joint, made by developing the flux, gave also satisfactory results.