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In the present investigation a typical pure aluminium sheets have been ultrasonically welded in similar manner through a 2-KW lateral drive ultrasonic welding machine.
Niu and Glinka [12] investigated the effect of weld geometry on the stress intensity factor solutions for welded T-butt joints under a variety of loading conditions.
1) from the non-welded and welded areas using a rotary microtome HYRAX M 25 (Carl Zeiss Micro-Imaging GmbH, Gottingen, Germany), were deposited between two transparent, flat glass slides and pressed together in presence of an immersion oil (Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany).
Welded tubular steel constructions must be checked by the critical aspect in the design of trussed-girder bridges and other products with the local hot spot stresses at the pipe intersection.
According to the weld quality standard ISO 5817, welded joints may be classified by reinforcement as welds in level C or D [8].
Several plates of 2A12 aluminum alloy were butt welded by ER4043 and ER2319 welding wires, respectively, producing penetration joints without any defects.
Heinemann admits that if it is a comparison of welded spot to welded spot (I'm not letting him talk about the benefit of stitch welding that is easily accommodated by a laser, and which can provide a better joint), then they're the same.
In contrast, the desktop acoustic microscope (AM) generates a very detailed image of the nugget area by scanning with the high frequency ultrasonic lens over the surface of the welded area.
If the beater is between the area being welded and the welding ground point, remove the heater.
This one-piece casting was converted from a four-piece fabrication that consisted of three stamped steel parts and one casting welded together.
In conventional construction, the steel moment frame that laterally stabilizes the building is field welded at the time of its erection.
These systems operate under extreme high pressures and literally can contain hundreds or more welded connections.