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In light of these uncertainties, defined benefit plan sponsors would be well-advised to assess how the new law may affect their particular facts before making decisions as to whether they should elect to be covered under the new law.
On their part, the security personnel are well-advised that in order to pre-empt any sympathy wave, the relatives of suspected militants should not be paraded from camp to camp but kept in protective custody and interrogated systematically to produce the wanted militants.
It also testifies to Bapco's well-advised and responsible social policies, she added, lauding the Minister and the executive team's efforts.
Because this exposure is readily preventable, business owners and public policy makers would be well-advised to act as soon as possible to assure smokefree environments for all public places and all indoor workplaces," Robert McCaffree, M.
The science of Newman's Own Organics is that of chocolate making, and with attractive new packaging to showcase richer, USDA-certified organic vegan chocolate bars, you would be well-advised to try these confections.
Currently, institutions of higher education--most notably the large group of four-year private and public colleges and universities that rely on traditional-age students--are well-advised to drop the binoculars and take a close look at the next five-to-ten-year span.
The Government has backed the call with Housing Minister Ian Austin stating "small business tenants are not receiving any substantive information on the code from any source" although he did add "some well-advised major tenants" were using the code in negotiations.
Anyone who has regular interaction with a small-boat davit would be well-advised to do the same.
There must be a functioning partnership between the federal and state and local governments; and cities and towns would be well-advised to decide what share we want in that partnership, before we are told.
WOLVERHAMPTON Civic's workmen were well-advised to delay sprucing up the basement of the region's most gratifyingly grubby venue until Kasabian had ended their trail of destruction.
At the same time, though, growers would be well-advised to delay their second wheat drilling to further reduce the take-all challenge.
While the guidelines are mandatory for companies using nutrition labels or claims on their products, others may be well-advised to consider voluntary compliance, pre-empting further legislation.