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On August 27, 2017, the (Syrian) government forces' annihilated ISIL's most battle-tested and well-armed group with massive support of the Russian Air Force in the Euphrates River valley near the town of Tell Ghanem al-Ali.
It would be interesting to see how long it would actually take for a well-armed force to reach the scene, whether it be police or army personnel.
A well-armed citizenry puts some teeth in the right to revolution when government, over a long period of time, abuses its authority and usurps our freedoms.
His supporters remain well-armed and fighting is still raging on three fronts in Libya.
Some Texas officials believe that refusing to pass laws aimed at controlling firearms makes the state safer, arguing that a well-armed population makes would-be criminals think twice.
Lebanese authorities have very little influence inside the well-armed Palestinian camps.
One source told the Mirror: "The group is well-armed with people across the six counties.
The twin blasts ( which tore through the open-air market in the mostly Shiite district of New Baghdad ( marked the first major response by militants to the sweep launched last week and a sobering reminder of the huge challenges facing any efforts to rattle the well-armed factions.
The attack came as peacekeepers headed back to base near the Cite Soleil neighborhood, where well-armed gangs blamed for kidnappings are based, U.
Never mind that Israel is not a beleaguered little beacon of light surrounded by predatory Arabs, but a well-armed nuclear state who, if it demonstrated a degree of co-operation, would have more neighbours as friends.
The events of the last week demonstrate just how critical it is to get a well-armed and well-trained United Nations peacekeeping force on the ground in the Darfur region of Sudan.