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On the other hand, the local economy achieved a remarkable development as the GDP doubled since the establishment of the Emirati union till last year by 236 times, as a result of continuous efforts exerted in development of human resources, besides preparing a well-based infrastructure according to interntional standards and backed by stimulating economic regulations and policies which are open to the world.
Well-based petrophysical evaluations of a reservoir s lithology can be compared to and integrated with equivalent seismically or geostatistically-derived lithology interpretations.
It was necessary the week and diffident institutions to be strengthened in order to result in a sustainable and well-based economy.
The Oklahoma City team is trained to utilize GXT's industry leading land processing technologies, including 3D anisotropic time and depth processing, well-based processing, and the application of multicomponent seismic techniques, to more accurately characterize fractures and lithology variations in unconventional reservoirs.
Earlier this week plans to build a PS200m gas-fired power station bringing hundreds of jobs to the Cynon Valley were announced by Taffs Well-based Hirwaun Power Ltd.
Each year, this sudden influx of spring's water runoff overwhelms public and private well-based drainage systems.
They repeat the well-based equation that the frost in the accession process and the loss of appetite on a public level in Turkey for membership has led to stagnation in reforms.
We want to establish our country and face all challenges and have a well-based country able to protect and serve its citizens," al-Maliki for his part said.
In a conversation with the daily, Faour commented on parliament's failure last week to vote on granting the Palestinian refugees civil rights saying, "We support establishing strong, well-based Palestinian-Lebanese, relations.
The exhibition will continue till March 7th carrying well-based artworks to note the development in the artists latest collection.
Mr Jones heard the Taffs Well-based firm - whose official name is Heart of Wales Bus and CoachLtd -was timetabled to start running four routes in the Cardiff and Pontypridd areas last October.
By having a well-based record of content for each course, students, instructors and fleet operators would reap the benefits.