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GET IN TOUCH Dobbins Road, Barry, CF63 2NO, Tel: 01446 747808 HORSE AND JOCKEY, THE VALE OF GLAMORGAN Well-behaved dogs are welcome in the bar or outside terraced areas and there is a nearby playing field for some additional exercise.
Worthy of, say, 100 hours of unpaid work, knowing that well-behaved people will be forced to do 30 hours.
According to a 1999 presidential decree, sentence remission is granted for all well-behaved prisoners on Independence Day and on religious holidays, depending on the faith of the prisoner, as well as every 10 years for those who are sentenced to more than 10 years in jail.
Turn your puppy into a well-behaved pet with a puppy management book by a professional dog trainer, YOUR OUTTA CONTROL PUPPY.
The archival photo from Fascist Italy, with its sun-drenched imagery of well-behaved children in starched white uniforms, reflects a now-poignant sense of hope and perfect order.
Except for one unfortunate nuptial where an attempt was made to throw Condoleezza Rice, ceremonies have been by all accounts very well-behaved.
A new book released in the US aims to teach parents how to raise children who are responsible and well-behaved.
But relentless pressure from soccer-mad women has finally persuaded the government to allow them to join male supporters watching the Tehran team, Paykan after the Iranian authorities decided they are well-behaved and do not swear.
Trying to do everything on my own strength will not ensure a peaceful tidy home, well-behaved children, or success at homeschooling and freelance writing.
There was a streaker who was arrested and detained at York police station, but this has been a good-natured, happy meeting and people have very well-behaved, particularly in view of all the alcohol that has been consumed.
At the end of the day, all these "servers" need well-behaved disk supplied to them on-demand by the block virtualization facility.
I was dismayed to find that neither of these well-behaved high school seniors could even spell.