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These well-built stabilizers absorb shock, noise, and vibration, and they are not affected by temperature.
The Well-built House, by Jim Locke (Houghton Mifflin Co.
Specifically, the company will insure residential units within well-built condominiums which, including their contents, alterations and additions, would cost at least $500,000 to replace.
The man he was with was over six feet tall and well-built.
IT is very sad and distressing to see all the well-built properties throughout Grove Hill empty and boarded up.
A WELL-BUILT man who pushed a woman who was walking alone along a dirt track at night is being sought by police.
The burglar is described as being 6ft tall, well-built and was wearing black clothing.
Catherine tells him she's looking for a well-built guy who is tall with a good sense of humour and has size 12 feet.
The well-built marksman suffered stab wounds to his torso and shoulder after the driver, who was arrested later on, attacked him with a penknife a week ago.
He was well-built with a local accent and wearing dark clothing.
The 'Monster' actress, who became fearful about her safety after discovering that directions to her lavish mansion were printed on a tourist map, revealed that she knew that her well-built dogs would keep her safe.
QUENTIN SAYS: The "Princess Di" W140 S-Class was the last of the really well-built Mercs, exuding engineering excellence with things like double-glazing and self-closing doors.