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He closes with an essay about the future of the technology and a well-chosen bibliography.
Her well-chosen statistics on the contemporary effects of poverty across the continents fully support that conclusion.
Understanding that a few well-chosen pieces can alter the look of a room, the research reveals that women prefer to spend money on items such as cushions, throws and bedding while men tend to plunge for new accessories such as pictures and candles.
It draws interesting and illuminating connections between and among four authors well-chosen for an assessment of the phenomenon of passing.
Considering that this area of Garibaldi Provincial Park awaits with many intriguing geological features, it is a well-chosen map area.
McKean is at his best when setting De Carlo in his historical context among peers and rivals, teasing out the development and exchange of ideas with the help of well-chosen quotations from De Carlo and others.
She's recently translated her own burlesque-revival experience into an attractive book, "Burlesque and the New Bump and Grind," packed with photos both vintage and modern and Baldwin's well-chosen words.
Tobias Hecht has compiled an eclectic and well-chosen selection of essays by authors who examine childhood in relationship to issues including colonization, criminality, nation building, illegitimacy, abandonment, violence and revolution.
Sessions will cover secrets of penetrating a well-chosen market niche; search engine optimization strategies; systems that quickly and easily generate salable CDs, e-books, audios, videos, and DVD courses; simple adjustments to common marketing tactics that double and triple sales without much effort; how to make connections and structure the deal for joint ventures and affiliate income; and reminders of where the biggest money always lies, whatever your target market.
Each set will be a mix of classic Bunnymen numbers with some well-chosen covers.
As this is a touring company, stage fittings are simple and resourcefully used, so the industrial shelving chosen for these productions becomes variously, among other things, a tube train, an office, a tenement and a cinema foyer; a few well-chosen props add to the effect.
Regular readers of this column know how much importance I place on well-chosen and unusual photographs as part of the entire package a book presents, and this large-format book has a nice selection of just what I mean.