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This is a well-conducted study investigating the effect of accelerated rehabilitation on function after ankle sprain.
It was indeed a privilege to be involved in such a well-conducted and courteous campaign from all candidates.
For clarity on this topic, the researchers suggest further large-scale, well-conducted investigations.
This was a well-powered, well-designed, and well-conducted trial," that would have identified any benefit that existed, Dr.
As currently defined, evidence-based reviews focus on evidence from RCTs and give little credence to other scientific evidence, including well-conducted observational studies," the organization commented.
Together, these two well-conducted clinical trials establish that, although statin therapy lowers concentrations of LDL cholesterol, is well tolerated and seems reasonably safe, it does not produce meaningful improvements in survival in patients with chronic heart failure," said Gregg Fonarow of Ahmanson-UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center, Los Angeles.
This well-conducted, multi-centre study involved 23 physiotherapists who prior to the intervention underwent 1-day training in coaching.
The benefits of a well-conducted cross-examination can be wiped out in a moment by asking one question too many--the one that either gives the witness a chance to look better or makes you look like a fool.
the opinion that the trial was well-conducted and well-executed.
The study by Leslie and colleagues demonstrates how a well-conducted trial can provide an unambiguous answer to a specific question--in this case, that routine intravenous prophylactic infusion of 15 ml/kg of Hartmann's solution to colonoscopy patients cannot be justified.
Finally, after he sets the bases--enabling a present-day reader to gain some understanding of Sambucus's poetry and the particularities of the genre he practiced--Visser engages in a well-conducted and very thorough discussion on the connection between image and word.
Only well-conducted clinical trials can prove the efficacy and safety of agents that look so promising in pre-clinical studies.