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Harper & Blake brand was launched in 2015 and it specializes in high-quality and unique accessories with a primary focus on the power of well-considered prints.
In particular, Dan Gordon's twohour documentary, now updated for BBC2 with a fresh ending having been made in 2014 for ESPN, was simply the most powerful piece of television this year, navigating through bewilderingly emotional subject matter with steady insight and compassion, journalistic incision and well-considered pace.
Everyone's views will help us recommend a well-considered and practical set of constituency boundaries in England.
His Highness the Amir's address bore a multitude of lessons that need to highlighted, be well-considered and activated for social safety, Al-Sanea noted.
It's an under-marketed destination, with a lot of potential, and a well-considered plan for sustainable long-term growth.
It is also guided by a well-considered business plan implemented by Pozzo junior, Gino, installed as Watford's chairman.
A successful performance depends on a suitable choice of tempi throughout and this was a well-considered interpretation by Robert Guy.
Before taking charge in Riyadh, Haq was Pakistan's ambassador to Egypt and was well-considered as an expert in the Middle East affairs for his country as he served as the director general of Middle Eastern affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad.
They discuss the differences between conventional and Islamic banking; why an ethical foundation is key to Islamic banking and why operations require well-considered regulations to ensure outcomes are achieved to protect a community's well-being in terms of financial transactions; types of Islamic banking products and markets, as well as the new products that have emerged as the industry has expanded, including non-interest financing arrangements, sukuk securities, and markets in the US and other countries; and practical issues and challenges, such as ratings services, computing housing mortgage payments, legal issues and taxation matters in Australian Islamic banking, and Shari'ah-compliant risk management tools.
Speaking on the introduction of modern equipment in the field of hydrometeorology, the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammadov noted the need for a specific and well-considered approach to this work.
A well-considered conception of federalization is viewed as the only way, he said, Itar-Tass reported.
A theme that recurs throughout the issue is that 1-to-1 initiatives should not start with a device, but rather with a well-considered plan than engages administrators, teachers, parents and students and can be rolled out in such a way that it doesn't interrupt, but rather accelerates, learning.