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In both cases, clear and well-defined objectives are needed, along with a clear exit strategy: one where the military objective has been met, another if it can't.
Openness of systems should be verified, validated, and ensured through rigorous and well-established assessment mechanisms, well-defined interface control and management, and proactive conformance testing.
To explore the structure-property relationships between polymer macrostructure and processing, a series of elastomers with well-defined branch structure was synthesized using solution anionic polymerization methods and controlled post-polymerization linking reactions.
Traditionally, it has been assumed that the Vespers and its immediate aftermath were evidence of a well-defined baronage, capable of unseating the repressive Angevins and, through its parliaments, holding the Aragonese king of the island in check.
Her nose is average height at the bridge, has a well-defined strong tip and fine, wide nostrils.
Macroscopically, the lesion appears as a well-defined cystic cavity in the auricular cartilage, which is often filled with clear to yellow fluid ("olive oil") that can be expressed (figure 1).
is a short course of injections of two well-defined human growth factors that stimulates the body to regenerate insulin producing cells that are damaged or destroyed in those with insulin-dependent diabetes.
By combining efforts, however, RIM and IT professionals, under the direction of the CIO, can create a well-defined, enterprise-wide records management strategy that will pay off from not only from the economic perspective, but also from the customer service and legal perspectives.
These polarons form a well-defined thermodynamic glass phase above the ferromagnetic ordering temperature, which then melts into a polaron fluid at higher temperatures.
The Emperor of Ocean Park contains well-defined, engaging characters that will stubbornly grow on even the most resistant reader, (the novel's tone and language can be a bit pithy and off-putting) such as those neurotic cousins who show up empty-handed and late to every family reunion.