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The Maoist-Marxist workers-turned freedom fighters emerged from a little village of Bengal's Darjeeling District named as Naxalbari and now they are a well-disciplined and an armed insurgencyA huge part of the Indian population is living below the poverty line and vast majority doesn't have a toilet.
People may not like dogs or cats but many millions do and for every badly-behaved animal which causes problems or mess in the street, there are thousands if not tens of thousands of sensible, well-disciplined pets who bring pleasure to their owners.
He emphasized that Karachi operation should not be made controversial and well-disciplined, patriotic and professional force of Rangers should not be made target of ridicule.
They are executing, on and off the court they are well-disciplined.
A WELL-DISCIPLINED display saw North Sunderland inflict a first league defeat of the season on Alnmouth United.
Wenger said: "I felt that we were well-disciplined, well-organised and had a good solidarity.
We have to make sure we go down there, be solid and well-disciplined.
Salisbury hunted in well-disciplined packs, as the Kestrel's surged forward in an attempt to break their opposition down.
He said the society expects well-disciplined students from teachers.
A seemingly well-disciplined game produced seven cards, including one red, and a plethora of penalties.
He also commended the conductor, Fanie Dorfling and the College of the Arts for their dedication to the choir and urged them to continue nurturing the young singers to become world-class choristers and well-disciplined adjusted adults.
As only one goal has separated the two sides in their last 13 encounters, William Hill's 13/5 for Steve Gerrard and his well-disciplined troops to enjoy a one-goal margin of victory cannot be ignored.