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Despite those difficulties, evidence is building that well-done meat may increase the risk of several kinds of cancer.
Thick, juicy, sirloin steak which remained tender even when cooked medium to well-done.
A medium rare fillet will take around 15 minutes or a medium to well-done one will take up to 25 minutes.
On the other hand, a good requirement identifies the root cause of some type of "evil"--an operational shortfall currently unmet by existing capabilities--and so a well-done requirement is indeed the core of a problem.
Less than a year ago, Chief Jerry Oliver praised Officer John Bennett's 'Firejerryo' as a 'very well-done web site.
The recipients of the bear meat in the second household reported that they had cooked meat patties well-done on a grill.
The February 11th ("Gun Grab Revival") issue of THE NEW AMERICAN contains several well-done articles on the issue of gun ownership by free citizens.
They even suggest favorite warm-up exercises like "Jump Toaster," a jack-in-the-box-like exercise that has 6- and 7-year-olds popping out of the toaster at the beginning, middle, or end of a piece of music depending on how well-done they want to be.
Others appeared more well-done at lower endpoint temperatures than expected, we're told by researchers at Kansas State University (Department of Animal Science and Industry, Weber Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506).
Your greatest asset is an involved employee who takes pride in a job well-done.
The time-saving appliance will arrive in the spring with an interactive control panel, Custom Finish (to specify how well-done food is), My Recipe and Intelliclean (self-diagnostic cleaning) among its features.