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Carole Surtess, Yvonne Owen, Matteo Aiello, Hortenne Cartwright, Penny Smerdon and Frances Jones enjoy a well-earned drink at Buonissimo restaurant in Harborne Left, Matteo Aiello, Francesco Ceccarelli, Avril Balloch, Emilio Tessaro and Dante Capponi; above, Jenny and Paul Ashleigh
There can surely be no-one more deserving of this award, and of a well-earned holiday.
FORMULA One golden boy Jenson Button enjoys a well-earned rest in the surf as he prepares to move to new team Benetton.
Finnish dancers Jukka Haapalainen and Sirpa Suutari's charismatic presentation was rewarded with a well-earned third place in every dance, allowing them to beat last year's winners Johan and Nadia Eftedal of Norway, who came in fourth on the day they announced their retirement.
What's more, under Inman, "the agency had a well-earned reputation for not only secretiveness but also a cavalier approach to civil liberties," Stephen Engelberg wrote in The New York Times.
MGMC has a well-earned reputation for the quality of its advisory services and research.
What begins as parallel stories turns into a touching mentor-student relationship (thanks, apparently, to an introduction by Micheli), making ``Double Dare'' a nice tale of well-earned sisterhood.
They have a strong presence and a well-earned reputation for excellence within the Northern Westchester community.
citizenship, has a well-earned reputation for making unpleasant and bigoted public statements, most notoriously his hideous comments praising the terrorists who committed the September 11 atrocities.
The primary motor cortex has a well-earned reputation as the brain's action center.
But health chiefs say they have not been sacked - they are simply taking "a well-earned rest" from their duties at Alder Hey children's hospital, Liverpool.
NASCAR's oldest speedway, Darlington, has a well-earned reputation as a tough track, even for NASCAR regulars.