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These differences may be attributable to a greater capacity among more affluent, well-educated Chinese to garner information about Western jobs and pay levels through such avenues as travel experiences, jobs at multinational corporations, and access to information technology.
It focused on (1) largely white, middle-class, well-educated women who (2) engaged in the unusual activity of persistent journal writing for a number of years.
The agency benefits from the voluntary assistance of well-educated, enthusiastic candidates who can perform specialized, as well as routine, duties.
Readers of Catholic newspapers tend to be well-educated and financially well established.
One assertion that's hard to buy is what might be called the yuppie's revenge: corporations are "at risk" partly because young, well-educated middle-managers are dissatisfied with corporate life, want "meaningful" careers, and are less willing than their apparatchik elders to "claw and fight their way up the corporate hierarchy.
Fairfax County offers diverse real estate opportunities, access to domestic and international markets through Washington Dulles International Airport, a business community based on technology and professional services, and a well-educated workforce.
Exploring the evidence of how psychedelic-occasioned mystical experiences may boost the human immune system, Psychedelic Horizons provides readers with an informative comprehension of Stansislav Grof's view of the mind as a way to understand art, psychedelics adding new cognitive programs to our thinking skills, and an expansive redefinition of intelligence and what it means to be well-educated.
For many years, the Los Angeles Unified School District has frustrated people who understand the importance of having a well-educated population.
The well-educated, wife-seeking Lewis wrestles with his guilt over having succumbed to his lust with a Shoshone woman while basking in the glory of his new fame.
The end result is a business community of talented, well-educated and committed individuals who also remember the value of country, family and life.
It is a well-educated group, with 96% having at least a high school education.
The challenges of overseeing commercial, residential, and institutional buildings in this era of rapidly changing technology has created a growing demand for well-educated facility managers with sophisticated technical expertise and management skills.