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WELL-ESTABLISHED The business is for sale through North East Commercial
The property also benefits from a beautiful horseshoeshaped and well-established back garden.
They decide to test the assumption that their well-established selection process procedure is the correct way to select a vendor.
Large-scale investors in online education, some of whom invested more than $1 million per course, suddenly found themselves face-to-face with competition from well-established and locally well-known not-for-profit institutions.
Don't be afraid to use strategic alliances or well-established business relationships to help grow your company.
In these analyses, several well-established risk factors were no longer significantly associated with adverse birth outcomes.
This is a critical weakness in the India offshore model and a major advantage for well-established providers in North America and Europe.
He plans to modernize things, remodeling the store's interior, bringing in new catalogs and adding a young person's sensibilities to a well-established operation.
The court noted that the unconstitutionality of a blanket strip-search policy had been well-established.
Our experience shows us that the well-established plans tend to have a more sophisticated sponsor and participants who appreciate the value inherent in our offering," Holmes said.
president/ceo Richard Harrington said that, although the assets are "outstanding businesses with strong management and well-established customers and brands," they are primarily print-based, domestic companies and "therefore, do not fit within our vision for Thomson Financial as a leading e-solutions provider to the global financial services industry.
Winning it used to mean entry into the well-established European Cup-Winners'' Cup which - with the UEFA Cup and Champions' Cup - was one of three distinctive and well-established competitions.