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Today we are reputed as one of the well-established Mailing Lists Service Providers due to our unique data and customer loyalty and for providing innovative multi-channel digital and offline marketing solutions.
The firm has tied-up with a well-established consultancy company in London and it is confident that within the forthcoming 18 months a partial or full merger might take place with a major European energy supplier in an effort to accomplish its tasks during the expected Merger & Acquisition discussions.
Its customer base spans fast-growth SMBs to well-established blue chip brands like IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.
Paul Ashley, Cardiff born managing director of PA Promotions, added: "We are delighted to support the Cardiff City Ladies FC, just like their team PA Promotions is also well-established having supplied corporate merchandise from our Cardiff office for over 30 years.
WELL-ESTABLISHED The business is for sale through North East Commercial
It is well-established and includes one-bedroom accommodation - with an additional loft room for conversion -wh ch has recently been refurbished including a new fitted kitchen and bathroom, and has not been occupied since the works were carried out.
The property also benefits from a beautiful horseshoeshaped and well-established back garden.
Hospital A follows a well-established procedure for selection of the system.
The principal ideas behind OCW made waves, challenging traditional thought of the well-established for-profit industry, which concentrated on the publishing sector and benefited from the sales of the intellectual product of universities and their faculties.
In February, he partnered with two larger, well-established CPAs to form another company called VAAS Professionals L.
Both businesses have well-established product lines, and the CP Kelco brand name is widely recognized in the industry," commented Tom Lamb, president and chief executive officer of CP Kelco.
Well-established maternal risk factors for adverse outcomes--being black, having less than a high school education, using substances and having had a preterm birth or an infant who was small for gestational age in the past--showed expected associations with birth weight and the risk of low birth weight and preterm birth.