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Trinity Saint David combines the strengths of well-founded academic traditions of the past with a dynamic and progressive approach to the challenges and opportunitities of the future
These findings suggest that concerns about immigrants and their children disproportionately using hospitals and ERs may not be well-founded for Los Angeles County,'' the report said.
Feminists argue that well-founded accusations of abuse are often dismissed and even turned against the accusing mothers.
The concerns raised by the dissent are well-founded.
In effect, Vatican sources told John Allen of National Catholic Reporter, the action amounts to a finding, that at least some of the accusations against the charismatic 86-year-old Mexican priest are well-founded.
Any well-founded decision about precautionary measures will also require some knowledge about the effectiveness of the precautionary measures that are to be taken.
They are not well-founded biblically; they are not well-founded in theological anthropology.
Your Comment, "Save Social Security," was finely crafted with reasonable arguments supported by well-founded facts and forecasts.
The warnings were well-founded when it was the scene of twice the national average number of accidents, with 186 injury crashes, including six deaths, in the years that followed.
Despite the author's efforts to reveal Lorde's fragilities--her sometimes capricious wrath, egotism, paranoid fear of obscurity and her well-founded dread of recurring cancer--she still emerges as a kind of 20th-century black goddess.
I only hope that their teachers encourage them not only to express their well-founded rage, but challenge their ability to hope and have faith in the future.