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So this brings me back to where I began: if this is being treated as a "legal" presumption, it shouldn't be--that standard is well-founded fear.
A well-founded tree-decomposition of a graph G is a pair (T W ) where T is a well-founded tree and W :V (T ) c P(V (G )) is a map such that
Trinity Saint David combines the strengths of well-founded academic traditions of the past with a dynamic and progressive approach to the challenges and opportunitities of the future
They are not well-founded biblically; they are not well-founded in theological anthropology.
Your Comment, "Save Social Security," was finely crafted with reasonable arguments supported by well-founded facts and forecasts.
The warnings were well-founded when it was the scene of twice the national average number of accidents, with 186 injury crashes, including six deaths, in the years that followed.
Despite the author's efforts to reveal Lorde's fragilities--her sometimes capricious wrath, egotism, paranoid fear of obscurity and her well-founded dread of recurring cancer--she still emerges as a kind of 20th-century black goddess.
I only hope that their teachers encourage them not only to express their well-founded rage, but challenge their ability to hope and have faith in the future.
Having employed similar chance beginnings before--basing compositions on scraps of torn-up drawings in the manner of Hans Arp, for example, or veiling them in single colors to create pseudo-monochromes comparable to those of American painter John Zurier--De Keyser displays a quiet but well-founded confidence that his lyrical technique is itself strong enough to form the essential core of each work.
THE concerns expressed by Prof Patrick Minford in Wednesday's Daily Post ab out the demolition of the Churchill flyover and pedestrianisation to make way for trams are well-founded.
John Engler and backed by a well-founded array of business groups and conservative activists, if a drug had been approved by the FDA, its manufacturer cannot be sued in Michigan for any harm it may cause--even if the manufacturer knew in advance of potential hazards.