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Or, the claim that 'children need secure attachments' is well-grounded when an appeal can be made to various neuropsychological and developmental studies which adequately support that conclusion.
In terms of interest, the programme has been a huge success but because of the shortage of funds, a number of well-grounded projects will remain without funding, Dnevnik daily said.
Rejection of the "precautionary principle" as a basis for regulating, thus ensuring that dangerous pollutants and products will be given the "benefit of the doubt," rather than well-grounded concerns about health and safety.
It will be withheld because a separate authority believes my request is well-grounded in the Constitution," he added.
Although the space was not designed from scratch, Steptoe & Johnson ultimately ended up with a completely new and fresh space with a traditional, well-grounded appearance that exudes the sense of an established law firm.
The authors present a well-grounded rationale for why literature can and should play a central role in effective literacy classrooms.
There also exists another alliance--at first glance a strange one, a surprising one--but if you think about it, in fact, one which is well-grounded and easy to understand.
A thoughtful, exhaustively researched, and well-grounded primer, What Is Philosophy?
We are well-grounded to take the organization into the next century strong and committed to our current and next generation of members.
John McCain's former chief economic adviser, their concerns are well-grounded.
Labour unions had filed a complaint about "violations by 'TNK-BP management' of the labour code and law concerning migration" which prosecutors decided were well-grounded, it said.
The Compassionate Carnivore, subtitled Or, How to Keep Animals Happy, Save Old MacDonald's Farm, Reduce Your Hoofprint, and Still Eat Meat (Da Capo Press, $24), written by well-grounded dreamer Catherine Friend, is a convincing book exhorting consumers to think about what their food represents.