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Many sub-Saharan Africans say they rely on word of mouth to stay well-informed about national and international events.
And in either case, can you be well-informed as a passive recipient of news, or do you need to be engaged and thinking about it?
The treatment by topics, as I have mentioned, results in the major philosophers receiving several separate discussions, all of which are well-informed and well-documented, so far as I can judge, with one exception: Francis Bacon, who is both overlooked and misrepresented.
This vital information will help consumers compare the features of the assisted living communities they visit, enabling them to make a well-informed decision when choosing the residence that best meets their needs.
Ethics brings to the other management disciplines the discipline of asking tough questions and seeking thoughtful, well-informed answers.
The ABCP Scorecard consists of one-page synopses that provide short-term market participants with the basis to make quick and well-informed decisions.
Summary: BEIRUT: An armed clash erupted in Beirut's southern suburbs as a result of a family dispute, a well-informed security source told The Daily Star on Friday.
The extensive Spanish-language outreach is essential for a well-informed community, but it also reflects a change in decision-making tactics from a time when political leaders made decisions without community input, said Manuel Pastor, a professor of Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who has studied environmental justice issues related to landfills and trash facilities.
The report found that ESD exhibited early, strong, well-informed and decisive management of the recovery process.
The impression left by the videotaped message was that bin Laden, far from being "marginalized," as President Bush insisted in early 2002, is healthy, well-informed, secure, canny, and more dangerous than ever.
The Network can provide a wealth of information for camp staff and food service staff who want to stay well-informed of the risks of food allergies at camp -- www.
Well-informed patients may use either book to check on details, understand background of their treatment and why certain tests and other procedures are important, and find recommended information sources.