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It's seriously quick, the ride and handling compromise is extremely well-judged and will work on British roads, the pricing is good, there's plenty of standard equipment, and the interior reminds you that you're in something a little different from the norm every time you get in.
WALES' Geraint Thomas claimed third place overall in the Tour Down Under yesterday with a well-judged performance.
Produced by George Clooney, this confident, well-judged and gripping movie skirts around uncomfortable political truths to focus firmly on squeezing every element of entertainment and tension from the human drama.
Despite his well-judged win, which saw him fend off pressure from Lotus team-mates Romain Grosjean and Kimi Raikkonen, Hamilton remains 47 points adrift of championship leader Fernando Alonso.
Using his well-judged option of avoiding attendance in view of provoking any unwonted incident, Prime Minister Gilani did not turn up in the meeting.
It was a well-judged declaration which gave Vikram Solanki's men a chance if they batted well.
There's a lot going on but without Spacey's well-judged performance it would only be mildly interesting.
Rickie Aley kicked them ahead with a well-judged 40-metre penalty on 20 minutes, but Jewell and Taylor soon combined to put visiting no.
We support your well-judged plea to protect the Wall but let us also protect the people.
Pathos was also given a well-judged ride by Antony Procter to beat Arena's Dream by a head in the nine-furlong maiden.
Presentation is excellent, with a well-judged balance between the French and English languages communicating the premium continental message.
Supporting performances, especially from the two youngsters, are well-judged, complimented by great performance from Michael Caine as a literary titan heading at breakneck speed for the grave.