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Again, they're well-made and well-specified although do be conscious of the fact that there will be technical differences in the Japanese spec cars.
While the Thai-built BT50 is not as European feeling as Mazda's other vehicles it does feel well-made, robust and it has appealing styling too, especially in the Freestyle body style.
I remember when programmes were well-made and educational as well as entertaining.
Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson, in The World Atlas of Wine (5ed, Mitchell Beazley 2001), write, "Veltliner wine when it is well-made and drunk young is marvelously fresh and fruity, with plenty of acidity.
Load your suitcase with dance stuff, bring videos documenting your barre, adagio, and allegro work, or perhaps a well-made film of your high-octane performance.
To Restany, art represented a "cleansing of vision"--that is, not a set of more or less well-made objects but an optical device that allowed us to look at the new world surrounding us, whether that meant supermarkets or streets.
This is a well-made example - exotic, herbtinged fruit with a touch of medicinal.
Great bargains on well-made shoes and clothes can be found, as well as the latest fashions in this vogue metropolis.
THIS beautifully designed and well-made mirror will make an elegant addition to most rooms.
This was 'a well-made range' and they particularly liked the low-backed sofa which 'supported the tail-bone and encouraged good posture'.
But there are other well-made sparkling wines you can proudly offer as a gift.
Those specialists who appreciate a well-made book and good scholarly apparatus should buy this work.