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It is one of four new ranges, and has well-made furniture, gilded and Venetian mirrors, pretty chandeliers and opulent bedding.
Everything about this well-made individual points to him developing into a smart chaser.
Was in Mendoza in 1985 with Byron Tosi and generally found the wines well-made but low in the acid department.
New clinical trials need to be conducted using well-made garlic supplements that disintegrate properly and release enough allicin to have an effect," he adds.
compact car may not be as well-made as a Toyota but it is fairly well-made vehicle meeting most drivers' expectations.
The book is clearly written and argued, though some issues are discussed in overly great detail and some points that have already been well-made are, nonetheless, repeated several times.
With so many well-made reproductions in circulation, "it's hard to determine what's real and what's not," warns Smith.
Home Design sheet and comforter sets, duvets and shams are uniquely designed to work alone or in combination to create not only well-made beds, but well-made rooms.
The technical formula of the well-made play, developed about 1825 by the French playwright Eugene Scribe, called for complex and highly artificial plotting, a build-up of suspense, a climactic scene in which all problems are resolved, and a happy ending.
It is considered to be the most well-made protective hockey pant on the market costing between $120 to $280.
They tell different stories, but 'Tuos' and 'Hinulid' are both well-made.