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Readers will find training programs that take only 10 minutes a day and, with time, will produce a devoted, well-mannered companion and hunting partner.
Visiting the library, interacting in a pleasant and well-mannered way with the librarian, enjoying and choosing books to take home and looking after these books at home - all these experiences are a vital part of childhood.
What did the well-mannered sheep say to his friend at the field gate?
He said: "I can't believe how well-mannered all the kids are.
Arrange the plants "lasagna-style" - in layers starting with ground cover and working up to a shrubby canopy with gaps in-between plugged with well-mannered perennials.
We welcome educated, pleasant, well-mannered workers from other countries (the ones I've had dealings with have been) but that's not the point.
Saying that, Hove was fabulous on Tuesday, where a huge, well-mannered and excited crowd watched one of the best cards seen at the track for a long time.
The young couple with their two well-mannered small sons was visiting New York City on vacation.
Law plays a wealthy, married architect whose life is turned upside down by a break-in (and later, an affair), but the ostensible chaos that ensues is just as well-mannered as what came before.
She is a well-mannered and joyous teenager, and a gracious and charming bride.
From symbols of the 'gentleman fighter' which offered a more seasoned, well-mannered view of the bloody business of battle to accounts and debates of civilian encounters with the U.
while adventurous and daring, he was impeccably behaved and well-mannered, always treating his companions courteously.