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Glyn Derw and Michaelston are well-matched and in areas of similar deprivation.
They seem a lovely well-matched couple and deserve happiness.
This year's favorite celebrity couple and most well-matched duo are Hollywood institutions.
TEAM PERPIGNAN BENETTON TREVISO 35 14 A LATE flurry of points saw Perpignan to a first victory in Pool Five of the Heineken Cup, though the scoreline was harsh on a well-matched Treviso side.
After a penalty apiece, winger Greg Summers ended a well-matched half with an interception try.
The UNI 160x240 horizontal directional drill was specifically developed for heavy and long range construction applications; well-matched and industry leading components provide optimal use of engine power, torque and rotation which promotes high performance, high productivity, high power and ensures long machine life.
Corby and Bretz studied 51 well-matched twin pairs (each set was a case and a control), regarding their treatment responses to flossing over a two-week period.
Physicians have been quite perplexed for years as to why some seemingly well-matched kidneys were rejected, The collaborative effort has turned up a likely culprit--antibodies that are not targeted by current testing methods.
Two well-matched teams produced a disjointed first half which looked destined to end with no score until slack marking by Shields allowed the Churchmen to break the deadlock seconds before half-time.
It's not unlike Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, well-matched equals who love the challenge, the one-upmanship.
Beatrice Ayer Patton had a famous and formidable husband, but from this memoir by their daughter it must be said they were well-matched in spirit and forever thoroughly in love.
The WHI study was prospective and well-matched as shown by the lack of differences in parameters such as distribution of histology, grade and steroid receptors in the two groups, although not every relevant parameter was measured.