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LEAVE it until the last minute and you'll end up with a bunch of forecourt flowers - and the recipient of your well-meant gesture may manage a wry smile but let's face it, it might be better not to bother at all.
The observations made in my previous letters were all well-meant and made from what I have gained from conversations with Merchant Seamen and members of the Royal Navy with whom I shared a Mess during my 12 years' Army service - 10 of them abroad.
Think of this as the unintended consequence of a well-meant attempt to raise basketball's maturity level.
Those were exciting years of unsurpassed Baylor dominance in this field, both academically and clinically, fueled by a noble and well-meant competition.
Diamond's well-meant prescriptions, for example, will make you feel good, but they will not come anywhere near to touching the hard men who have the real power.
He begins a letter with a reference to, and reapplication of, the Snow White myth: "and having bit exile's apple / Stuck in my throat's / Somnabulistic sleep--/ These well-meant dwarfs decorate / their bills, monthly dues.
The Psychology of Parental Control: How Well-Meant Parenting Backfires.
The introduction by the Government of an employers Code of Practice has been little more than a well-meant failure.
Massiah's ideas are well-meant but the targets he proposes, CCPA, the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, and the Financial Post are wrong.
Well-meant stylistic comparisons tend to mask the Deadpan Zone eccentricity of Tsai's observations and the intimately defamiliarized life forms he sets wriggling onto the screen--so distant from how we prefer to think of ourselves yet much too close for comfort.