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So let us ignore the well-meant warnings from our Muslim brothers and sisters to pray only to the unimaginable God.
Christofias expressed the hope that Turkey would comprehend its own interests and withdraw its troops from Cyprus, accepting a solution that serves the well-meant interests of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, who all suffer from 1974 until today.
In response to this well-meant advice, a gay rights activist in Belfast has filed a complaint with the police, accusing her of violating the law on "hate speech.
LEAVE it until the last minute and you'll end up with a bunch of forecourt flowers - and the recipient of your well-meant gesture may manage a wry smile but let's face it, it might be better not to bother at all.
The observations made in my previous letters were all well-meant and made from what I have gained from conversations with Merchant Seamen and members of the Royal Navy with whom I shared a Mess during my 12 years' Army service - 10 of them abroad.
Diamond's well-meant prescriptions, for example, will make you feel good, but they will not come anywhere near to touching the hard men who have the real power.
Current reflections of the European Commission to reform preferential rules of origin are well-meant but take an excessively narrow administrative and legal approach", EuroCommerce said in a policy paper published on March 15.
This was the 1950s, and our teacher's well-meant efforts to help us solve the mystery of word problems amounted to giving us linguistic cues -- shortcuts for putting the symbols in the right order so we could crank out a solution.
He begins a letter with a reference to, and reapplication of, the Snow White myth: "and having bit exile's apple / Stuck in my throat's / Somnabulistic sleep--/ These well-meant dwarfs decorate / their bills, monthly dues.
The Psychology of Parental Control: How Well-Meant Parenting Backfires.