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Casting was well-nigh perfect, and singers and non-singing actors performed with supreme confidence from the first night--a credit to revival director Bruno Ravella.
In our remote communities, the national government is well-nigh invisible and the only acquaintance about government that our people have is their own village leaders," Chipeco said.
A total of 43 enemy soldiers were killed in this well-nigh superhuman action, and another 28 were taken prisoners.
and) the kind of direct, simple-minded cheeriness which should prove well-nigh irresistible to teenagers.
When you read comments like this, is it any wonder getting a guilty verdict in a rape case is well-nigh impossible?
As a classroom auxiliary, this volume is well-nigh perfect.
But it's well-nigh impossible to be an active and hands-on grandparent without being fit.
And, for people who have had a credit problem or four, it is well-nigh impossible - or if you actually can find some money to borrow, it costs the earth.
This has made him well-nigh invulnerable with women voters, one of whom was heard to remark last night: 'Surely a man who kisses babies the way he does could never break the heart of the world.
But the fact that Ben-Yehuda believes this project is well-nigh impossible and that my wish to return to Herzl's vision state is a fantasy means that he, like the old shied Jew, has lost not only the faith that the pioneers had in spades but large swaths of his imagination.
As it turned out, however, the reaction to Lehman's default was well-nigh apocalyptic.
Meanwhile, Mark Potts writing for Recovering Journalist thinks the project is already set to fail because "getting newspapers to agree to work together on anything is well-nigh impossible.