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Until now no one has been able to test theoretical predictions regarding nanoribbon edge-states, because no one could figure out how to see the atomic-scale structure at the edge of a well-ordered graphene nanoribbon and how, at the same time, to measure its electronic properties within nanometers of the edge," said Michael Crommie of Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division (MSD) and UC Berkeley's Physics Division, who led the research.
The class C of all ordinal numbers is well-ordered putting [alpha] [less than or equal to] [beta] if and only if a [subset] [beta].
Also there's a full array of dishes and styles and categories (with vegetarian, meat, snack and dessert options), helpful notes on ingredients, and a well-ordered index.
Now that all of these have been swept away in a tide of political correctness and all embracing human rights, our well-ordered, safe lives have been replaced by a broken society with soft overflowing prisons, increased levels of murder and manslaughter, burgeoning gun and knife crime, failing schools and Europe's highest level of teenage pregnancies.
Army Picatinny Arsenal, and Jacobson, a retired designer and developer of munitions at the same facility, have created a well-ordered, scientifically current yet historically rich guide for those who research and develop weapons or munitions.
Dr Sutherland's book is well-ordered and clearly written and constitutes a series of fascinating accounts of young offenders' school experiences.
There are also all sorts of plot lines that get left behind as the film opts for action-mayhem in the second half, especially as the arrival of two more survivors (Brazilian actress Alice Braga and youngster Charlie Tahan) manages to turn Neville's well-ordered life upside down.
Attfield adopts a well-ordered philosophical approach to a series of important introductory topics including verification, analogical reasoning, realism and anti-realism, and falsification as they relate to the subject of creation.
A well-ordered human society requires that people recognize and observe their mutual rights and duties.
All well-ordered peoples are expected to secure for their members the human rights specified by Rawls's list in the law of peoples, including basic subsistence rights.
Porpoise diving continues the spiritual journey started in Warren's book, but divers look for the gospel message "outside the confines of a well-ordered, trouble-free, formula-based, prosperity-laden, purpose-driven life," Dahl says in an interview on the site.
After the golden age of lunacy reform, during the 1840s and 1850s, when Dorothea Dix's argument that confinement in well-ordered hospitals could cure madness seemed plausible, madhouses and mad-doctors drifted into a slow, downward spiral.