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From an IT perspective, we appreciated that ClaimCenter s functionality is very well-organized and user-friendly, said Marc Beaujean, responsible for Resources, Change and Marketing within the Board of Directors of the P&V Group.
US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Thomas Countryman congratulated the Macedonian authorities on the well-organized elections as well, saying that the success of these elections in the Republic of Macedonia was unprecedented.
Dincer said that a strong infrastructure, well-organized hotels and restaurants were needed to draw the tourists.
The workshop introduced teachers to AMERICAN FORESTS' Geographic Information Systems environmental education program, which gives students real-world learning experience and teachers an innovative, well-organized curriculum for teaching science, math, and GIS.
What they should take from it is that when you have a well-organized community--and a community that's well-organized both in an activist perspective, outside of government, but also organized within the Democratic Party, within government--you create energy and attention that moves the community forward.
Modernity and renewal," wrote the late curator Igor Zabel in his catalogue essay "Individual Systems" for the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003, "by their nature are connected to ideas of a rational and ordered mode of thought, of a planned and effective kind of production, with ideas of a thoughtful use of space and resources, with ideas of a well-organized and equitable society.
Deb Fennell comments, "We have to coordinate flights for 25 percent of our campers on one day--we rely heavily on the flight reports produced from our software to ensure a well-organized day.
Judith Wilson, author of The Well-Organized Home, says: "If you're not sure whether you need a home office, give it serious thought.
The Transformation Academy provided a well-organized overall perspective of the NAVSUP enterprise," says participant Troy L.
Wilmore and Costill have outdone themselves in producing a well-organized and all-inclusive text which enables the reader to logically build a foundation of knowledge about exercise physiology, starting with the most basic parts of the muscle fiber.
Sumner is our version of a well-organized Central Intelligence Agency.