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Fishman, who is at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, noted a total lack of randomized, controlled trials or well-performed observational studies supporting BBE.
Pitting a binge drinking Kevin Costner against a butt-whooping Octavia Spencer in a battle for custody over their beloved granddaughter, this well-performed and occasionally amusing affair has a distinctively '90s feel to it, laying on the sauce rather thick at times, although it still creates a believable story raising questions about parenthood and racial prejudice in modern-day Los Angeles.
HIP replacement surgery is generally a very successful operation which aims to remove pain, improve function and - if well-performed - can last up to 30 years.
Deposits and Guarantees required: Statement on the extradition bill by bill of exchange declaration for the protection of well-performed its contractual obligations, amounting to 10% of the contractual obligations of VAT.
However good the writing of course, it's not going to have the desired impact if it's not well-performed.
As is often the case with well-performed tarab music, the sounds emitted by the performers were punctuated by eruptions of "Ouf
The many well-performed cameo roles included a deranged old woman (Victoria Livengood) and a Russian girl who sings a wistful Russian folk song a cappella (Kelly Kaduce).
In-depth evaluation of the methods section and figure legends of reports can help identify these limitations or, conversely, highlight strengths of well-performed studies.
The Boyfriend, set in the 1920s, is a fast paced musical that captures the glamour and feel of the era with lively upbeat choreography and well-performed songs.
A railroad tune penned by his Scottish father, and a haunting ballad of love lost are well-performed, but carry none of the gravity his future compositions would hold.
Loeser, a pain specialist and professor emeritus at the University of Washington in Seattle,"This is a well-performed clinical trial that deals with many of the issues that have clouded prior reports of prolotherapy," Khaleej Times reported.
Our goal is that our brand should be synonymous with well-planned and well-performed operations, executed with high focus on safety, efficiency and innovative engineering.